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Compost Recycling

FOOD FOR LITTER FEEDING CAMPAIGN: ARC runs a Food for Litter campaign that swops litter for soup kitchen meals for 400 children a day (12 000 meals a month) during most winter months. Waste collected is recycled and sold where possible. To make the project sustainable, the proceeds are donated to a local school and used for much-needed school teachers.

Greehouses use compost from Aquila’s restaurant,horses and elephant dung. Earthworms eat the cardboard, paper, fruit, vegetables, kitchen scraps and newspapers to produce compost and tea. Aquila’s kitchen waste (paper, cardboard, newspaper, fruit and vegetables) and leftovers from 120 000 meals are fed to worms & maggots and produce biogas. The worm and maggot farm containers are reclaimed from recycled buckets. The aquaponics systems are built from 5 reclaimed shipping containers. R1million worth of fish and duckweed plastic containers were bought from an insolvent abalone farm and reused. Aquila ensures a reduced carbon footprint exists. Compost and earthworm tea are used on Aquila’s lawns and at the veld regeneration project. Slaughtered fish waste, horse manure, elephant dung and leftover restaurant meals and kitchen waste produce biogas and are fed to maggots at the maggot farm.