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Aquila Private game Reserve - Aquila is not yet another luxury game reserve and lodge, its primary purpose is to offer an educational experience to all who visit in the hope that knowledge will enrich our understanding of the importance of living in harmony with Mother Nature. Over the years, Aquila Private Game Reserve has gone to massive efforts and expense to source and re-introduce wildlife into the Cape region so that local residents and visitors alike can benefit from the same and therefore we are proud to offer a real safari for the first time in 250 years. We are especially proud of our efforts of reintroducing our lions and lion cubs that we saved from a doomed canned lion fate.

The support from industry, local and international media has been outstanding and reiterates our ongoing efforts and stance against animal cruelty such as the despicable canned lion hunting industry. Aquilas lions thrive in their massive sanctuary while enjoying the breathtaking terrain of mountains, valleys, rivers and kloofs. In another of our conservation efforts, we currently offer our visitors a complimentary educational introduction to our cheetahs, highlighting the plight of the free ranging cheetah and their critically diminishing numbers.

Its important to note that our cheetahs were captive bred and not born free nor do they form part of Aquilas game drive and the experience is strictly controlled and in the interest of cheetah survival worldwide. Guests however are not allowed to directly interact with the cheetahs but are given a comprehensive talk on the plight of these beautiful cats. Central to conservation is education and to this end we regularly invite, free of charge, various under privileged schools to the reserve to experience this first hand. Inform - educate empower!

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